Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine

Essential Oils Chinese Medicine

Essential oils represent the genetic unfolding of the plant – the Jing, the life essence of the plant. Thus they have potential effects on physical issues as well as the mental and spiritual development of an individual. The plant’s Jing will resonate with the body’s Jing. As a result, a vast degree of possible healing can occur when essential oils are applied to acupressure points and meridians such as the Eight Extraordinary channels, Yuan-source points, or Mu-points. 

Merina Ty-Kisera acupressure specialistHi, I'm Merina Ty-Kisera, L.Ac. and I've been using Essential Oils on Acupressure points for my clients with exciting results. Find out some new techniques for relieving many physical and emotional issues by pre-ordering my book, Acupressure with Essential oils. 

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