Essential Oil Safety

Essential oil safety can't be emphasized enough! Dont be fooled into thinking that the wonderful smells in those teeny bottles are totally innocuous. Some oils pack a powerful punch in more ways than one. For example, cinnamon has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties but can burn the skin badly, so it must be diluted. Peppermint is a fantastic go to for gastrointestinal issues but if used undiluted can cause a cold burn and irritation.  Pennyroyal which is a type of mint and good for bugs and bacteria, but if ingested can cause liver poisoning. Do a little research before ingesting any oil especially for children and the elderly. Its no wonder why essential oil consumption is controversial! Err on the side of caution and you can save you and your family a lot of suffering and money.

As far as topical use, again I err on the side of safety. Most essential oils should not be used "neat". Applying essential oils “neat” refers to the use of essential oils where you put the oil directly onto the skin without prior dilution with a carrier oil. Neat = Undiluted = Full Strength. There are exceptions, of course like lavender, and tea tree oils.    

Im not trying to scare you out of using them just be cautious. Keep in mind that essential oils are super concentrated liquids and that a little dab will do ya! 

Merina Ty-Kisera acupressure specialistHi I'm Merina Ty-Kisera. L.Ac.  Like many of you visiting my site, I love essentail oils! Not only do I love their physical therapeutic qualities, I also love the emotional assistance they bring. For example,  Geranium was used the ancient Egyptians for promoting beautiful skin. It is currently used to clear acne, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and balance hormones. Yet, this sweet slightly green smelling oil can also promote emotional security, support during times of emotional loss and even help take the edge off sugar cravings...Yea! Just put a few drops on the arch of your foot in the morning and before bed. Who'd a thunk!?


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This sound frequency of 528Hz is said to have the ability to heal damaged DNA.

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