How to Choose Essential Oils

Essential Oil Concerns

Quality Matters!    

There are various grades of “essential oils” in all types of products from cosmetic to therapeutic. But not all essential oils are equal.

To experience the potential benefits of pure essential oils, look for 'therapeutic grade' (although this is not a term that is regulated by the powers that be, it is an indicator of purity.)  oils and research the manufacturer to ensure they follow Good

Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to bring you the highest quality product. Poor quality oils or those those that have been adulterated are becoming more prevalent as the popularity of essential grows.

Unfortunately, there have been a growing number of people turning up with chemical burns, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and other side effects from poor quality aromatic plant extracts. So be aware and look for these basic quality markers:

·Pure essential oil, labeled 100% therapeutic grade, organic, and/or non-fractionated. Also wild crafted. The essential oils on this site are organic and wild-crafted from native lands. 

·Steam distilled, cold-pressed (for citrus oils), or CO2 extracted.

·Genetic Identity by Species subspecies identification—i.e. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia).

·Production environment and practices are to par with GMP.